LogDNA isn’t co-founder Chris Nguyen’s first rodeo. But when he and longtime partner, friend and co-founder Lee Liu learned a new baby was on the way, they realized it could be their last as co-founders, and LogDNA was born from another startup the pair had built.

At the time the company had just $17,000 in the bank, so it was as Chris calls it a true “Hail Mary.”  But the bet paid off and the reception for LogDNA has been overwhelming.  Along with numerous major customer wins, the burgeoning startup recently raised $7 million in Series A funding.

In this in-depth and revealing conversation, Chris discusses his experiences, lessons learned and keys to success as a founder with host Jim Brisimitzis. Chris describes LogDNA’s “Slack moment” –  the dramatic pivot he and Lee took after exiting Y Combinator with a company the pair determined would never gain the traction necessary to achieve profitability.

Other entrepreneurs can learn much from his insights as a repeat founder, from building products to satisfying customers to creating the right company culture. And this humble Canadian shares some of his biggest secrets to success, such as his willingness to ask others for help. Join Chris and Jim for a fascinating and insightful conversation with plenty of valuable lessons for any founder.

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