Attending a conference, meetup or gathering and coming away without making valuable contacts is an all too common and frustrating occurrence for busy business people.  But Chicago-based Proxfinity is shining a literal light on the problem – with a unique wearable and software solution.

In this edition of Series A – The Podcast, meet Lisa Carrel, co-founder and CSO of the company bringing real change to the conference world.

Carrel shares the journey of Proxfinity with Microsoft for Startups technical evangelist Martin Schray and producer/correspondent Josh Kerns, detailing a unique path that included patenting a product before there was really even a market.

In a nutshell, Proxfinity’s solution features a smart badge that lights up to identify common interests and allow people seeking to make connections a quick and easy way to identify someone they should speak with.  It sounds simple, but it’s an elegant, complex and effective way to maximize the time and efficacy of a networking event.

Carrel offers valuable insights and advice for other female founders on everything from raising capital to building a team, and chronicles how Proxfinity pivoted several times before settling into its successful strategy and solution.

Even though Proxfinity emerged from a cohort of female-led companies nurtured by 1871 in Chicago, the company’s story, struggles and successes are important teachings from any entrepreneur.


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