How do you make watching sports and other events truly social, and build a successful business for major media companies at the same time?  For Game On co-founder and CEO Alex Beckman, it’s all about the bots.

The problem to solve for the San Francisco-based startup is  figuring out how to get people to watch content they want to watch on the devices they want to watch it on without making the assumption that because it was done a certain way on TV that’s how it should be done online, Beckman says.

“Maybe four or five years ago we began to really see people distinguish between digital and mobile and understand that digital is not mobile. And now we’re seeing that mobile is not a thorough enough term,” Beckman tells host Jim Brisimitzis in the latest edition of Series A – The Podcast.

Beckman shares stories of growing up in the epicenter of the technology world in Silicon Valley, with classmates named Ellison and the like showing a second generation of genius from a young age.  While Beckman could hang with them, coding wasn’t his calling.

“I was a bad developer. I didn’t love sitting down and writing code,” he laughs.

Lucky for him, his love of film and technology led to him instead to build a successful business he sold to Yahoo just nine months later.  But he and his co-founders recognized they had far more work to do.

Beckman details the lessons learned building a product and company, successfully exiting, then going it alone a second time.  He admits he made plenty of mistakes, and is trying to enjoy this go-round far more.

In the wide ranging and insightful conversation, he dispenses plenty of hard earned advice for fellow founders and would-be entrepreneurs.  Surprisingly, that going it alone isn’t the answer.

I think everybody should have two co-founders because the odds of two people having a bad day on the same day are high, but that third just gives you the chance one of you is not having a bad day, and silly as that sounds that probably saved.

Check out Beckman’s conversation with Brisimitzis on the latest edition of Series A – The Podcast

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