What do you get when you combine a seasoned serial entrepreneur and technologist with a PhD and tenure track cancer researcher at the University of Chicago?  One of the most promising startups disrupting the health care industry.

In the latest of edition of Series A – The Podcast, we return to Chicago for a visit with Jason Smith, the co-founder and CEO of rMark Bio.

Smith’s diverse background provides for an insightful and wide-ranging conversation spanning over 17 years of experience doing everything from raising millions in capital, leading a number of ventures and serving as principal technologist in distributed systems architecture, big data analytics, and high-performance computing from work with ATI Research, AT&T, General Dynamics, IBM and GraySky Simulations.

rMark Bio’s industry leading AI solution understands the real-time business strategies of R&D, Medical Affairs, Marketing, and Commercial to provide field representatives with clear and concise ‘next best decisions’ that remove inefficiencies and increase ROI for thought leader engagements, the company says

“Leveraging artificial intelligence, we can go beyond the who.  We can tell you why you should be engaging with them from a business perspective, what you should be engaging about when we tap into your content management systems, how this will help your business based on knowing your strategic KPI’s and strategic goals for a given quarter or year or even a year, and really what are the next best actions if you’re a field rep to meet those goals,” Smith tells technical evangelist Martin Schray and producer/correspondent Josh Kerns.

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