Can a company change the face of advertising while doing good at the same time?  The founders of Chicago-based Do Good Media are doing just that.

In this edition of Series A – The Podcast, we visit with co-founders Jerome Shimizu and Michael Sheng during a visit to startup epicenter 1871.

“We provide publishers with billions of high-quality, incremental advertising opportunities,” the company says.   But what exactly does that mean?  The answer depends on the customer, Sheng says.  At its core, Do Good is doing some amazing things across various media sectors to deliver new solutions and value in the cut-throat and ever-changing world of advertising.

As experienced founders and executives, Shimizu and Sheng offer valuable insights for any entrepreneur, from innovation to building an organization.  Join technical evangelist Martin Schray and producer/correspondent Josh Kerns for a wide ranging and thought provoking conversation in the latest edition of Series A – The Podcast.

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