While just one in 10 VC investments achieves a successful exit or next stage funding, a small team of upstarts has quietly come up with a way to significantly increase the odds of identifying whether a startup has a decent shot at succeeding.

After two years of internal work, the Microsoft Startup Predictor has proven to have a 75% success rate in predicting a future funding event.

The Startup Predictor is an AI-powered prediction engine conceived and developed by Series A – The Podcast host Jim Brisimitzis, Sonal Mane and Pushpraj Shukla.

In this edition of Series A, the trio detail development of the tool that can save VC’s millions of dollars by providing them an exclusive tool to dramatically increase the success of their investments.

Developed by a startup team inside Microsoft, the Startup Predictor combines the power and expertise of the Microsoft Startups group in the United States and Canada and the Microsoft Market Intelligence & AI team.

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